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Our objective is to create "Green Wealth" for all stakeholders. Profit being a natural by-product of this endeavor. We at EQUIGREEN follow and offer a..

Leap Growth Partners LLP is a part of the Ghalla Bhansali group and was founded with the intention of providing focused and quality investment banking..

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Deal DateCompanyClient NameDeal TypeQty (000's)Trade Price (Rs.)Value (Rs. in Lakhs)Close Price (Rs.)
22-Oct-2021 Adcon Capital Services PROFICIENT MERCHANDI...SELL23.0515.133.4915.13
22-Oct-2021 AKI India HARSHVARDHAN SINGHAN...SELL150.0013.3920.0915.00
22-Oct-2021 AKI India RAJENDRA KHYALILAJI ...BUY 140.0013.1618.4215.00
22-Oct-2021 AKI India YUGA DOSHISELL120.0013.0915.7115.00
22-Oct-2021 Ashish Polyplast SHAH DIPAK KANAYALALSELL17.1613.042.2413.04
22-Oct-2021 Flomic Global Logist DHARAMRAJ D SHUKLASELL47.00185.3787.12180.05
22-Oct-2021 Gagan Polycot India ASHOK .BUY 74.102.421.792.63
22-Oct-2021 Gagan Polycot India SHAH DIPAK KANAYALALSELL57.402.391.372.63
22-Oct-2021 Indra Industries P RITESH KUMAR BOKDIABUY 69.004.312.974.31
22-Oct-2021 Indra Industries PRITI BOKDIASELL57.004.312.464.31
22-Oct-2021 Integra Telecommn. MICRO LOGISTICS INDI...SELL99.1853.7453.3053.75
22-Oct-2021 Kanel Industries DHIREN KANAIYALAL TH...SELL250.004.7711.934.77
22-Oct-2021 Kanel Industries RAJAPRATAP SINGH HAN...BUY 138.014.776.584.77
22-Oct-2021 Kome-On Communicat. ANERI FINCAP LIMITEDSELL140.002.974.163.20
22-Oct-2021 Kome-On Communicat. DATABASE TRADING PRI...SELL346.492.9910.363.20
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