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Our objective is to create "Green Wealth" for all stakeholders. Profit being a natural by-product of this endeavor. We at EQUIGREEN follow and offer a..

Leap Growth Partners LLP is a part of the Ghalla Bhansali group and was founded with the intention of providing focused and quality investment banking..

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ADR  Prices 

Symbol    Company Date LTP ($) Volume ('000s) Net Change
RDY Dr. Reddy's Lab 16-Apr-24 71.61 149400 0.49
G Genpact Limited 16-Apr-24 30.63 1101100 -0.02
HDB H D F C Bank 16-Apr-24 56.53 1813300 0.02
IBN I C I C I Bank 16-Apr-24 25.49 4823600 -0.08
INFY Infosys Ltd. 16-Apr-24 17.05 13033300 -0.22
MMYT MakeMy Trip Ltd. 16-Apr-24 63.58 1231000 -2.46
WIT Wipro 16-Apr-24 5.26 2383700 -0.06
WNS WNS (Holdings) Ltd 16-Apr-24 47.39 379800 -0.16
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