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Our objective is to create "Green Wealth" for all stakeholders. Profit being a natural by-product of this endeavor. We at EQUIGREEN follow and offer a..

Leap Growth Partners LLP is a part of the Ghalla Bhansali group and was founded with the intention of providing focused and quality investment banking..

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Ghalla Bhansali Corporate Office:
'Devansh', 133,
Dadasaheb Phalke Road,
Near Ranjit Studios,
Dadar (East), Mumbai - 400 014.
Board Line: +91-22-2414 7000 / 2415 7000
Fax:           +91-22-2414 4900 / 2414 8700
Email:   info@ghallabhansali.com

Ghalla Bhansali Stock Brokers Pvt.Ltd.
Board Line: +91-22-40497000 / 7200
Fax:           +91-22-40497125
Email:customercare@ghallabhansali.com           clientgrievance@ghallabhansali.com

Ghalla & Bhansali Securities Pvt.Ltd.
Board Line: +91-22-24958200
Fax:           +91-22-24958222