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Our objective is to create "Green Wealth" for all stakeholders. Profit being a natural by-product of this endeavor. We at EQUIGREEN follow and offer a..

Leap Growth Partners LLP is a part of the Ghalla Bhansali group and was founded with the intention of providing focused and quality investment banking..

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Depository Services

A Depository is service which holds investors' securities in electronic form. The depository also provides services related to various transactions in such securities. A depository interfaces with its investors through Depository Participants. Depository Participants maintain investors' accounts (demat accounts) which are similar to Savings Bank/Current accounts with a Bank. Purchase and sale of securities can be done through demat account.
In line with its commitment of providing highly evolved products and prompt services, Ghalla Bhansali is a registered Depository Participant withNational Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).
Having a demat account with Ghalla Bhansalihas numerous advantages:
  • Shares are held in electronic form
  • No need to safe keep share certificates
  • No need to remember record dates of various companies
  • Immediate transfer of securities
  • No stamp duty on transfer of securities
  • No risk of bad delivery, fake securities
  • Reduced paper work for transfer of securities
  • Reduced transaction cost
  • Nomination facility available
  • Automatic credit of Dividend / bonus shares
  • Investment in various mutual funds may also be held in demat accounts
  • SMS alerts on every transaction
  • Systematic Account Systems