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Our objective is to create "Green Wealth" for all stakeholders. Profit being a natural by-product of this endeavor. We at EQUIGREEN follow and offer a..

Leap Growth Partners LLP is a part of the Ghalla Bhansali group and was founded with the intention of providing focused and quality investment banking..

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Fund Profile

Fund House
Incep. Date
Fund Type
Total Assets
(Rs. in Cr)
SBI Funds Management Limited 07-Feb-92 Bank Sponsered 448 175 915901.53 31-Mar-24
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited 22-Jun-93 Pvt. Sector - Joint Ventures (Indian) 662 730 711553.09 31-Mar-24
HDFC Asset Management Company Limited 10-Dec-99 Pvt. Sector - Joint Ventures (Indian) 416 352 617677.76 31-Mar-24
Nippon Life India Asset Management Limited 24-Feb-95 Pvt. Sector - Indian 505 427 433896.92 31-Mar-24
Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited 05-Aug-94 Pvt. Sector - Indian 373 261 384007.34 31-Mar-24
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited 05-Sep-94 Pvt. Sector - Joint Ventures (Indian) 545 707 332579.31 31-Mar-24
UTI Asset Management Company Private Limited 14-Nov-02 Bank Sponsered 393 752 290993.03 31-Mar-24
Axis Asset Management Company Ltd. 13-Jan-09 Pvt. Sector - Indian 369 128 275166.00 31-Mar-24
Mirae Asset Investment Managers (India) Private Limited 20-Nov-06 Pvt. Sector - Foreign 183 14 164467.60 31-Mar-24
DSP Investment Managers Private Limited 13-May-96 Pvt. Sector - Joint Ventures (Indian) 421 244 148081.58 31-Mar-24
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